Chainliners is a WEB 2 focussed, revenue-generating game with WEB 3 integration and functionality.

The game is designed to onboard more WEB 2 people into WEB 3. You will be able to Utilize and Customize your Escapers(NFT) in Chainliners like never seen before in the CNFT space.

  • Escapers can be used as your in-game character in Chainliners.

  • Chainliners' monthly revenue will be distributed to Escapers holders (Exact % TBA)

The ultimate goal of Chainliners is to offer players an entertaining and rewarding experience.

By combining elements of rogue-like looter shooter, endless runner and platform gaming, the game will push the player's limits, challenging them in new and exciting ways. With fast-paced gameplay, randomized levels, and a variety of weapons, upgrades, and loot to collect.

Chainliners is set to provide players with an unforgettable experience by combining the WEB 2 game model with WEB 3 functionalities.

Monetization Model:

  • In-game purchases: Players will have the option to purchase randomized rare drop weapons and armor using ($WATT) the cash shop currency or (Volt) in-game currency which can only be earned through gameplay such as, defeating enemies and bosses for item drops and selling items.

    Players will be able to purchase $WATT in 1 of two ways either through regular credit card or debit card online purchase through an established payment gateway, or through buying the $WATT crypto token which will add it to a wallet connected to the game.

    Both methods of buying $WATT will give the cash shop currency to the player to be able to use it in the game.

  • Premium Membership: The game could offer a premium membership option for players that offers additional benefits such as increased earning of in-game currency, exclusive access to certain weapons and armor, and other special perks.

  • In-Game Advertising: The game will display in-game advertisements on billboards. Our partner projects that are interested in listing their project in Zion will also be able to advertise their projects in Chainliners with a fixed fee.

By offering a variety of monetization options, the game can cater to a wide range of players with different play styles and budgets. The randomized rare drop weapons and armor can provide a fun and exciting aspect for players to strive for, while the premium membership and expansion packs can offer additional value for dedicated players.

NOTE. Chainliners is not a play-to-earn game. You cannot earn $WATT, but you can use $WATT in the game.

We'll also host challenges/competitions in Chainliners. Winner get partner project's WL, ADA prize pool, NFTs, $WATT etc.

The trailer coming soon. STAY TUNED!

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