🏃‍♂️2. Escapers


Escapers Collection Goal

Is to have fun, take advantage of the blockchain technology and build something great with it. At the end of the day, life is nothing without a little joy on the side.

Escapers Utility

Interactive and Customization are big part of the Escapers Collection.

  1. You will be able to interact and customize your Escapers.

  2. Escapers can be your in-game character in Chainliners.

  3. Chainliners' monthly revenue will be distributed to Escapers holders (Exact % TBA)

  4. Stake Escapers to earn $WATT

  5. Upgrade your Escapers with $WATT

  6. Buy WL spots/goods in Zion with $WATT

  7. Badass pixel art that you can actually use as your profile picture (Designed to fit perfectly)

  8. Special traits get free IRL items. Eg. Katana, hoodie, beanie, etc

  9. Cool unique nostalgic Collectable

More on interactive and customization in Redpaper V2

Escapers Minting soon Apply for Escape list(WL) here: Escape list Form

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