💊1. Genesis Pill

Genesis Pill's policy ID: 3fea86c085dd8c90f393e357b3c32b85fd20d32540622082fbfccccc

Genesis Pill’s Goal

Genesis Pill's main goal is to bring high-value people together, who can provide value and have a real passion for the space.

We want to create a hub where individuals of all levels can come together and learn, work and network with each other as long as they bring some kind of value to the community. We believe in quality over quantity. Give me 300 relentless men, and we will conquer the world together - XENO (Founder)

Genesis Pill's Utility

The Secret Room provides:

- Cardano community Weekly Recap

- Cryptomarket Reports

- CNFT research (Cardano NFT)

- CNFT-Bluechip Recap (Cardano NFT)

Above mentioned is done professionally by our analyst.

DYOR is still always recommended

2. Free airdrops. 🪂

- 2 Escapers NFTs airdropped per 1 Genesis Pill - $WATT airdrop 3. Access to the private community. 🌐

- Genesis Pill holders only Discord channel packed with high-value like-minded members.

- You'll be able to network with valuable individuals since only those will get access to the private community.

4. Royalty distribution. 💰

6. Lifetime WL in future Mint 📋

7. Access to special Genesis Pill-only giveaways and raffles 🎁 MORE TBA!!

If time and network are something you value then Genesis Pill is for you!

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